AMI en


It was made around 1960. The Ami is a very simple camera dedicated for childrens. It is successor of Druh. It can perform 6×6 cm exposures on film type 120. It was assembled with 75/8 fixed-focus meniscus lens, and the shutter with only one speed of 1/50 sec (with synchronization only for flash bulbs). Aperture is f/16 for sunny and f/8 for cloudy. The body was made of  'styropol’ – Polish high impact polystyrene, which bettered aesthetics and reduced weight” compared with the Druh.


  • Format 6×6 (4,5 x6)
  • Mono-lenticular lens 1:8 / 75mm fix focus
  • Aperture 1:8 and 1:16
  • Shutter about 1/50sek
  • X-flash socket

Data of my collection:

Camera with holster and without the s / s I bought it for 30PLN. In operational capability, lacking only the mark on the front.